BC-85-MC/10 |Boston Federbelastende Kapodaster für Akustische oder Elektrische Gitarren

EAN13 -37140 8719147371400
Artikelnummer: BC-85-MC/10
product id: 37140

Federbelastende Kapodaster für Akustische oder Elektrische Gitarren, 10er Pack, diverse Farben
The Boston BC-85 capo is an essential accessory for guitar players. Not only does it transpose the open strings of your guitar, it can also be used to influence the tone colour.

The pressure of the spring has been carefully set to make sure the capo squeezes tight enough, but not so tight that it detunes your guitar. The rubber padding of the grips protects your guitar from damage and also provides enough pressure on each of the strings.

The Boston BC-85 lets you fit/remove the capo in a flash, even mid-song.

The durable die casted construction gives you a good, well-built capo that will last.

- suitable for western- & electric guitar
- with spring
- titanium
- protective rubber
- sturdy and lightweight
- quick action, great intonation

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