Welcome Naomi

Please welcome Naomi!

Naomi was educated in photography and is an administrative centipede after more than 15 years of experience. Since 1,5 years ago she 'finally' started playing the piano, which she enjoys a lot.

She is a mother of 5-year-old daughter Sterre and describes herself as the sporty type; she loves to run or put on her skeelers and she can't wait until the moment obstacle runs will be taking place again. Also she is a big animal lover and therefore, in her spare time, she likes to spend time with her horse. 

"Music calms your mind when it storms in your feelings" is something that suits her well. When Naomi's head is busy she crawls behind the piano in order to forget everything for a while.

Her administrative skills come in very handy with us, as she is here to reinforce our administrative department a couple of days a week.

Welcome at The Music Alliance, happy to have you Naomi!